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    Hi! My name is Drew aka DaFunk and I've been modding GameCube controllers for the past 4 years. At first I was just painting and paracording for my local smash bros scene but I ran into all sorts of problems... poorly fitting 3rd party buttons, bad paint jobs, you name it. I HAD to find a better alternative. Eventually I found resin casting through RockerGaming and NorthGamingSupply's fantastic resin button making guides. I immediately fell in love with the craft and it consumed all of my free time. After a few months of preparation and honing in my resin skills, I finally opened my first shop on Etsy in July 2020 and began selling GameCube buttons & sticks, later making my own website in September 2022. After a few hundred sales I made the decision to quit my part time job and leave school during the pandemic to pursue resin casting full time. 3+ years later and now we're here :) 

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