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Custom Phob 2.0.5 GameCube Controller

The Phob v2.0.5 GameCube controller is the last controller you'll need for competetive Super Smash Bros Melee and Ultimate.


Commission us to make you any button and stick colors/designs for your build. Want a custom galaxy button set with matching sticks? Maybe some dichroics? Or keep it simple with a pastel colorway. Design your buttons and sticks here:

Then submit the Google Form with the correct name and order number after purchasing.


Our Phobs are built using brand new official Smash Ultimate CameCube Controller components. Inside every controller is a fully calibrated Phob 2.0.5 motherboard that is thoroughly tested for functionality using SmashScope. In addition to SmashScope, every single controller we build is play tested in Melee and Ultimate. Internal modifications include a tactile Z button, lubricated triggers and springs, lubed T3 stickboxes, and cut trigger springs. What makes the Phob so special is the hall effect sensors for both stickboxes which can drastically increase the controller's lifespan compared to the original potentiometers. Forget about snapback with the Phobs advanced digital snapback filtering, you won't have to worry about missing a single laser. Our custom sticks are carefully made to replicate the same grippy feel that you'd expect from the originals. And you can pick between bald or lettered style ABXY buttons when customizing your colors. The right and left triggers will remain OEM gray and will not be customizable. There is no option for paracord, the only cable included is the original black cable.


If you order an original OEM controller you can expect to recieve the original buttons and sticks with the Phob motherboard and internal mods listed above.

The triple black build option includes all of the internal mods listed above. And will include the black buttons and sticks as pictured. Choose between bald or OEM ABXY buttons. The right and left triggers are OEM gray and not black. There is no option for paracord, the only cable included is the original black cable.


If you are paying more to customize your face buttons, sticks, and their colorways, please fill out and complete this document after placing your order:

There is no option for paracord, the only cable included is the original black cable.


Please keep in mind that this is a pre-order that will be shipped out as it is completed, between August 25th and September 8th. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to DM us on Twitter @DaFunkGaming or send an email to

Custom Phob 2.0.5 GameCube Controller

PriceFrom $300.00
  • Every controller includes a 3-month limted warranty from the day you get it in the mail that allows you to ship your controller back to us for any important internal repairs. Cosmetic damage, accidental damage, and regular wear and tear are not covered by our warranty. 

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