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Black & White GameCube Sticks

Handmade GameCube sticks designed to fit and function just like an original pair of sticks. Made from a durable epoxy resin and urethane rubber.


A lot of time and energy goes into making the best GameCube replacement parts I possibly can and if you choose to order from DaFunkGaming you can expect nothing but top notch products. 


This item is a pre-order and will ship between the following dates: August 28th - September 12th.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding my GameCube sticks or just need help with the installation process, feel free to message me on Twitter @DaFunkGaming or email at

Black & White GameCube Sticks

  • If there are any issues with your order we gladly accept returns and offer refunds. However, because all of our buttons, triggers, sticks, e.t.c. are handmade and in limited quantities, we do not offer or send out replacement parts.

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